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Our new User Interface may just change nonprofits forever.

This blog is about our software. And it starts exactly one year ago.

At that time, CharityEngine was one of the most comprehensive, integrated, enterprise-level tools for managing, communicating and transacting with constituents that you'd ever seen.

But it wasn't pretty.

Don't get me wrong. It wasn't ugly. But in an iPad, iPhone, Android, Mountain Lion, Windows 8 world, it felt like a relic. It wasn't clean. It wasn't colorful. It wasn't responsive for multiple devices. It was a block-ish version of forms and menu trees that just didn't match the fluidity that people were becoming used to with technology.

So we asked for help. We turned to one of the foremost design teams in the UX field. This group had designed consumer facing UXs for Discovery Channel's Shark Week, Amtrak, Verizona, Taxi Magic, USA Today, Slingbox and many others. They had proven that they could take complex technology like CharityEngine and pare it down visually so that anyone could easily get to the task they were in their to do.

Power + Visual Simplicity = Game Changed.

We recognized that if everyone found it easy to do the task they were in there to do, then those tasks would add up, whether the action was internal, on the website, or being done by constituent fundraising. And before you knew it, every task would be feeding the CRM so that the data it was capturing was accurate and actionable across the entire organization.

We took one of the most complex integrated technologies in the industry and made it simple and elegant. We made it so that wherever the task was being done - on your computer, your phone, your tablet - you could jump right in and do it - whether for donor management, online fundraising, event management, peer-to-peer portals, communications, anything.

One year after deciding to begin this journey, we've arrived with CharityEngine 4.0. It went live on Monday. And I believe it will change the way nonprofits operate forever.

Lets just say this: Power just got real pretty.

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