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Hosting & Data Center

Secure, hardened infrastructure-as-a-service With heavy focus on the service

BIS Global delivers secure, flexible, cost-effective hosting for business-critical applications – from corporate email and intranets to high-volume transaction oriented web services.

Our “Private Cloud” hosting platform combines industry leading server virtualization software and storage area network technologies in a highly fault tolerant configuration.

Preparing Wounded Warrior
Project’s data center for the
World’s Biggest Stage:

See how we optimized and load tested Wounded Warrior Project’s cloud-infrastructure to handle as many as 8,960 transactions per second for a TV appeal during the Super Bowl.

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One-stop enterprise hosting & cloud support for any-sized organization.

Market tested for over fifteen years

Market tested for over fifteen years, BIS Global successfully mitigates risk while simultaneously processing hundreds of millions of dollars in online commerce, all backed by a team that has worked with Fortune 1000 companies and some of the world’s largest nonprofits.

As a Tier 1 datacenter provider, BIS Global owns and maintains the core infrastructure responsible for the function, performance, security, and delivery of all services and features. This eliminates any reliance on third party hosting contracts or support to control both costs and risks associated with service delivery issues. Furthermore, the BIS Global infrastructure and platform has been battle-tested on multiple aggressive campaigns and has always been up to the task.

  • PCI (Payment Card Processor) Compliant
  • End-to-end enterprise IT infrastructure set-up in highly fault tolerant configuration
  • “Forever Young” IT Infrastructure (service includes the cost of future hardware/ software upgrades/ replacements)
  • Enterprise EMC Storage Area Network (SAN)
  • VMware vSphere5 ESX Virtualization
  • 24/7 network monitoring and remediation
  • N+1 Network Redundancy at each Internet Peering Point

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